Affirmations for a Boss Momma and Her Struggles

It’s not doubt in my mind that being a mother is hard. My son is almost two and I’ve been tested more than once. It’s taken time to learn the right level of patience with a wild soul of a child. My son is hyper active and some how- has endless energy to destroy.

One thing no one told motherhood would be filled with so much trial and error, sadness, and frustration. In the first year of my son’s life I isolated myself and shut myself in my home. No one checked up on me, and no one asked to see me nor my son.

I felt alone, and there was endless chores and messes- even to this day I constantly have a sink full of dishes, unkeep hair, hand prints all of my walls and lap, and undone laundry. Balancing his needs, my house needs, my work and clients has been the bane of my existence and sometimes I wish I never had to sleep so I could at least 20 minutes to myself.

Someone always thinks they have the answer to your issues, and people who have never been a mother or parent will give you advice that is just so beyond irrelevant and impossible to follow that you think one of these days you’re just going to plan explode. 

I’ve been there, and some days, I still am. My son is only almost two and the worse hasn’t even came yet. This article isn’t to say I’m perfect and I have all the answers- because truthfully I am still there with you- I’m still frusated most days, and most days I’m so exhausted. Hey- some days I ignore chores because sometimes I just can’t muster the energy or motivation to do it.

But I’ve found that these affirmations help me stay balanced, focused, and centered.

“I have the ability to stay patient through out the day”

“I give myself permission to relax and take things as the go”

“I have the innate wisdom to take care of my child and myself today.”

“Today is a new day, and brings new blessings”

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Thought Provoking Quotes On Spirituality

“The laws of the universe exceed far beyond the rules of man. For me that means death, karma, and love; the only 3 things I believe to withstand any test of time and only true indication of a spectrum to it. Mastery of these puts us beyond the range of time itself; attainable only by God standards or some celestial essence not firmly planted onto this plane. May dwell amongst us, may watch from up above, maybe even be lurking underneath us for all we truly know but something more has to govern this seemingly mortal existence!”


“I aspire to be a giver of love, a giver of good love, a giver of good vibes and a giver of strength.”


“I am a kingdom that you can no longer wander in. So let her be the island of your exile.”

A. A.Roses

“To be sure, I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

“How I love those gloomy days, when the earth adorns itself in shrouds of mist. When the veil between the worlds feels thinner and I am in my prime.”


“Why worship a deity whom you cannot see, when there is the Moon in all her splendour visible? Worship her. Invoke Diana, the goddess of the Moon, and she will grant your prayers”

The House of the Wind: Aradia; Gospel of the Witches

“The fact that natural forces can be used before people find scientifically what they are is not a case for dismissing them as imaginary. If it were, we should know nothing now about electricity and the structure of matter.”

Witchcraft from the Inside

“If you go far enough back, all our ancestors were Pagans. They practiced religions that had few creeds or dogmas. There were no prophets. There were myths and legends, but no scriptures to be taken literally. These religions were based on the celebration of the seasonal cycles of nature. They were based on what people did, not what people believed.”

Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon

I want to reinstate a respect for soil. We must touch the soil. How many times do we touch our mobile phone every day? Maybe 100 times. How many times do we touch the soil? Hardly ever. We must give dignity to peasants, farmers and gardeners.

We are all part of this healthy web of life maintained by soil. The Latin word humus means soil. The words human, humility and humus all come from the same root. When humans lose contact with soil, they are no longer humans.

Satish Kumar, “The Link Between Soil, Soul and Society”

“Our consciousness sustains the Gods; the older the Egregore, the more powerful it becomes. When a cult disappears, then the Egregore sleeps on the mists of the Astral dimensions, but it can be awakened again when worshippers recall its name and perform its rites…”

Robert Cochrane

“You’re a witch. There’s never been a time when witches were cuddly and embraced by their people, my dear. Every culture has had walkers-between and that frightens people. We’re wild, with fire in our blood, wine in our bellies and the moon in our souls. We’re the frightening people who talk to spirits in the woods.”


“When eye meets eye in knowing it does not matter if a mask is worn.”

Andrew Chumbley

“Most people carry that pain around inside them their whole lives, until they kill the pain by other means, or until it kills them. But you, my friends, you found another way: a way to use the pain. To burn it as fuel, for light and warmth. You have learned to break the world that has tried to break you.”

The Magicians, Lev Grossman

“Witchcraft offers the model of a religion of poetry, not theology. It presents metaphors, not doctrines, and leaves open the possibility of reconciliation of science and religion, of many ways of knowing.”

The Spiral Dance

Four Ways To Annoy a Self-Made Woman

Being a self made woman has its up and downs- embracing a movement about being in complete control of yourself is hard when we live in a society that is so sour towards us. To this day- whenever I attempt to empower myself and pat myself on my back it always turns into about how my husband isn’t getting a pat on his back or what about my son.

Let me tell you- the struggle is real.

I have spent the last 2 years seriously working up my business and myself- and yet there are still moments when I want to throw the white flag down and square up in defense. Why do I even HAVE to defend myself.

So this is for all my other boss ass babes who will probably be able to vibe with all these statements. You totally rock my world girls and you’ll total smack your face with me on these.

  1. “”Aw how cute your [partner] must really love you a lot to let you have this hobby””

Oh boy, yes, I am very glad that my husband is patient with the long hours that I have to work, and late night slumbers I wake up from with a “AH HA” moment and need to get up a right. But don’t get me wrong too- I would never let my husband at the same time limit me from my dream.

2. “”Shouldn’t you use your spare time cleaning or something””

If I had a job that I went out to- would you hassle me like this? No, you wouldn’t. Because this question very much stems from you not thinking my job is legitimate. Anyway- I am a super mom who somehow seems to keep my life in a pretty decent check and balances.

3. “”Why don’t you just get a real job”

I do have a job- I run a small business, blog, and currently working on becoming a Public Speaker. Just because you don’t have the nerve to be a risk taker doesn’t mean I don’t.

4. “”How much money do you actually make?””

It is so beyond rude to ask anyone what their income is, and its really NOT your business. Do not ask me what or how much I make at any point- and I KNOW other queen bees feel the same, especially starting out.



Why You Need To Embrace Bad Feelings

It could a general concensus that we are all completely and utterly over 2016. For most of us it could easily be said to be one of the hardest years. It was a year of sudden change- and some of us saw that in loss and tragedy.

For me, this year was long and hard. It has seemed to hit me hard every time I have gotten back up from the next one- it has tested my endurance as not only a business owner, but as a person.

One of the many, many lessons I learned to just embrace my feelings. In my gut I would get feelings- but then push them off as nothing. This in the end- one was of my deepest issues that this year has definitely put to bed.

When I learned how to just simply embrace and feel my feelings life seemed to go much better. And yes- this means my anger.

Somewhere in my life the idea that if I ignored my negative feelings then I wouldn’t ACTUALLY be feeling that way- and this become a deadly poison of my life. In doing this, I was actually holding onto my issues for longer, letting them fester until I popped.

So, while there were a lot of moments in this long year  I was angry (and oh yes, I am an angry person) I perpetually let it fester- thinking that this was a way to deal with it.

But recently, it’s clear to me that this is wrong. Wrong in so many level. So my advice?

Feel your anger, feel your despair, FEEL anything. And actually live in the moment. Don’t act on it- but feel it so you can release it. Your feels and energy you get are indictors of your text moves and what needs to go or stay.

When You Miss A Call, The Universe Screams

I can’t tell you how many times the Universe has grabbed me by my shirt and said, “You’re going to start listening to me or I’m going to get mean.” Ah yes, there have been times when we have thought about how cruel of a mistress our universe can be, sometimes it’s down right nasty and unfair.

But think about it, when someone doesn’t listen to your advice or warnings don’t you get a little pissy? The Universe and the Divine are close to that, a force that sometimes has to get a little pushy for use to start listening.

The Universe is always sending us messages once we open up to it- but these bad boys can often be a little scripted and unclear. There have been many times that the Universe has been like, ” Look, Alexis this is a bad idea stop it.” and after I ignore it- BAM. Hits me harder than it ever had before.


Though, how do you know whats a message? Oddly placed things, or when you have two choices, the one your heart and gut tells you to choose is the one you should always pick. We notice them, but we brush them off. Stop brushing off those “”coincidences”” and start seeing those god instances. Nothing is a mistake, and everything has a meaning.

Recently, a good friend of mind suffered a great loss- her husband had died. Her phone started acting odd- playing her husband’s pandora list. She figure out why, and her phone kept glitching, bringing up music she hadn’t listened to on her youtube recents.

When she was on her way to my house- it happened one more time: but to someone who code decode the message. Her husband’s spirit had been trying to contact her and when she pulled down my road she realized: it was HIS recently played music. All of the music had meaning; it told her a story, a story of their relationship.

It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a glitch- it was the work of a collaboration of the Universe and her husband: both telling her that it’s not her fault, he isn’t mad, and it’s time to fulfill her life’s purpose- which she was putting off because of him.

Why Being Spiritual Made Me A Better Mom

When I saw that plus sign- I knew it was going to get hard, harder than it had ever been for me. The hardest thing for me to keep balanced in my life was my patience and my temper. By no means has being patient ever been my best skill and to be honest, it was pretty much at zero percent mastered. To say the least, motherhood had been a very terrifying prospect for me.

Right before that plus sign I had exited an awful, toxic relationship that left me in need of healing more than ever. I found comfort and answers in my spiritual world more than ever. It taught me so much about balance, the gift of asking, and the power of my mindset. The sheer idea that my will could manifest all I wanted, and that it did. In those short months I had entirely rebuilt my goals and life- for the most part.

The issue was again, I had trouble with just how worried about my patience and temper. But I learned slowly, as I continued practicing mindful behavior, grounding techniques/ and mediating I handled issues being thrown at me. It was almost like the universe was giving me a crash course as to how to gain these such heavily valued skills for any new mother.

There is a funny thing about The Universe, and how it gives us what we need in such odd ways. I did my work for my patience and to finally grasp control on my temper. I was manifesting situations that gave me hands on experience with coping with everything.

Spirituality honed my intuitive nature, it helped me be able to more thoroughly feel my own feelings, helped me heal age old wounds- it helped me so deeply and prepared me for the moment my son was placed in my arms.

Due to my traumas I was a cold heart, miserable little child. I was selfish but in all the wrong ways. I learned from focusing on my spirituality that expressing feelings is not weak, but one of the strongest acts you can do.

The Beginning of A Spiritual Life Pt. 4

One of the hardest parts of spirituality is being told by others what you should and shouldn’t be doing. For me, I’ve been constantly bombarded by the idea that I should be some zen, cookie cutter, ball of sunshine. To simply say- that will never be me. I am an Aries Sun Sign and a Virgo Moon Sign- does that spell for shimmering sunshine? No.I am angry, I am a perfectionist, and I am beyond intense. That I’m-So-Hippie-Boho-Let’s-Be-Friends persona most people have in the Spiritual Community will never fit me. And if someone TRIES to push me into that box, I will kick and scream like a toddler at nap time.

Why? Because Spirituality is about learning about yourself, feeling comfortable as yourself, and connecting with the Divine Universe. This doesn’t mean I am closed off- maybe one day I’ll get to the point of that. But creating a fake persona would be me feeding into my own ego of wanting to be an idea versus a person. When it’s brought up to me about this Hippie persona is how I should act I scoff, it’s completely scoff-able that someone is projecting this onto me.

These personas take a couple things from us: Raw, powerful, unimaginable emotions. This persona takes me REAL emotions from me. Its normal to be sad, natural to be mad, human to grieve. That is the point of this journey- to re-connect with our souls. Blocking off our emotions is blocking ourselves off from our soul.

Letting someone preach this to you can be dangerous. People who are newly connecting with themselves need to learn how to be raw and real with themselves. That is the time to open up to the world and seas inside of yourself- perfecting the balance should only come later.