Affirmations to Start Your Day Off Right

Affirmations are great for uplifting your spirits and getting yourself focused. These affirmations are a FANTASTIC tool to really affirm your goals day to day. 

Affirmations are best used and utilized if you use the daily, if not through out your day. After using them on a regular basis I promise you’ll see a difference. 

Here are a couple affirmations for you guys to try out:
“Today I allow myself to be patient with myself, and those around me.”
“I give myself permission to have a good day”
“I am glad that I have been blessed with a chance to make a difference.”
“Today I can do everything I put my mind to”
“There is nothing but good coming my way today.”
“I am going to keep moving towards aligning my spirit, soul, and mind today.”
“Today I focus on allowing myself to be true and honest to myself and those around me.”
“I give myself permission to take everything moment to moment, and listen to my bodies needs and wants.”


5 Lessons I Learned From Recovery

After enduring a traumatic childhood that subjected me to both a gnarly drug addiction and eating disorder- it wasn’t until I dedicated myself to my recovery that I found two things: 1) relief 2) how to start living.

I’ve talked before about what it’s like to be six years clean, but there are a couple lessons that I hold dearly to me and if your recovering from anything it could help you too.

Recovery isn’t just for addicts- anyone can go through a moment where they need to refocus, recharge, and restart in their life. 

So here it is, my five lessons to pass on to you:

1. Breathe.

In the last six years of being clean I had convinced myself that the only way I would make it through is if I held my breathe and just shoved myself through what felt like air right cracks. All this did though was lead me to multiple internal crisis incidents (shout out to my friends and family for putting up with my breakdowns with such grace) and a lot of lost time. It’s okay to take a moment to breathe and collect yourself.

2. Cut Those Ties

We all know drug friends or narcissist friends are just SO great and SO hard to replace, but when it comes to shedding our skin it’s also time to shed some friends. We associate people with time and events- and if these people are at the center of the problems it’s most likely a sign this friendship or relationship has very much expired. 

3. Find Your Niche

The less free time you have the best in the beginning- having a project or hobby that really fills you with joy is a good place to start in recovery. 

My now business stemmed from just that- a recovery project. When I started going through my process of getting clean and sober I started blogging about lifestyle and spirituality- and now look, it’s what I do for a living.

4. Groups aren’t the enemy.

Groups are such a vital part of recovery- and when I first got clean I refused to participate. It’s odd to look back and think , “how did I ever think no one would get it?!” 

Groups are great for keeping you reminded that you’re not alone and that their are people who get you. It gives you a network in case you are feeling weak- and brings you together with like minded people.

Groups are great because you can even join them anonymously on the web through chats and forums.

5. Don’t Wait To Start Living

Dude- worse mistake. You don’t have to be a certain amount past in your recovery to deserve some relaxation. With recovery- every day sober or “”moved”” on should be a mini celebration- otherwise recovery is met with the attitude of it being a chore.
Sincerely ,

Alexis DiOrio

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Simple Self-Care Acts to Change Your Day

“I am a mom on a mission” has been my most used phrase lately- because really, my wheels never stop going. But after my recent vacation from work and social media I left with a lot of very, very important lessons. One was- the importance of really making sure my self-care routine is respected.

For the first year of my son’s life- man, did I really stop taking care of myself. There were times where I forgot when the last time a bathe was. Yikes, right?

So the last month I have dedicated myself to my self-care, but what if you’re on the go, busy bee?

One thing I do for myself is make sure my hair is done, my face is clean, and my teeth are brushed. You’re probably like, “wow that’s gross you have to remind yourself to do this.” But I’ve noticed that these three things are often popularly forgotten and need to put on higher respect.

If you suffer from depression- you probably understand this all to well. It is often to easily put off to the side for us who have depression. So how do I fit my minimalist self care into my life?

I made a 10 minute routine because the faster the better. Sometimes I even do all of them in the shower so all of it is taken care of at once. (Yes you heard that, I even brush my hair in the shower.) I motivate myself by telling myself that yes, I WILL feel damn well better after I do this. This is also repeated right before bed- minus the shower. Why? Because it’ll lend hand in starting the day feeling just a little less gross.

Another way to fit in a small but effective self care act is vitamins. I pledge allegiance to the magically power of vitamins. We’ve all tried to eat nutritionally, but even when we try we still don’t always manage to get the right amount of vitamins into our body- and man ever since I started taking my vitamins (I take 12 a day!) I have had more energy, my skin is better, my hair has grown like a weed, and my nails are longer than ever.

Nutrition is often forgotten when we discuss self-care- we will usually discuss the frills and decor of what self-care is- taking bubble baths, doing facial masks, and painting our nails- but that is not realistic daily self-care. This is not what gets us day to day- these are what I consider- luxury self-care.

One of my favorite ways to practice self care is to protect my mental status with grounding and mindfulness. Taking a second to remind myself that I am actually alive and not a zombie going through the motions. Taking ten minutes max to truly feel something and just be is the most important thing to me- out of all the things I have mentions. I will literally take a minute and smell these goddamn roses!



How I Changed My Life- For the Best

For people who know me, they can testify for me about what a large life transformation I’ve gone through the last two years. I am much healthier, much happier, and so much more balanced. It’s taken me a really long time since getting clean to really detox from the addict mindset.

Even with being clean there was still that tricky, I-Am-More-Clever-Than-You attidude I had, which had a deadly mixture with all avoidance of the fact that I was in fact an addict.

After I quit- I thought that was the freeing card. No more work- what a fool was I ! Yes- that is right, my mind set was once I was clean it would all slowly fall into place.

So wrong- so totally freaking wrong.

It took me almost 6 long years to learn that if the change I wanted was to come- it was going to have to be achieved through my own sweat, blood, and tears.

So how did I change my life? I accepted I had fucked up- yes I fucked up. And to be honest- I was still messing up pretty bad.

When I finally did that- I was able to look into the mirror and really, really examine my choices and behaviors. And what struck me was: Even though I wasn’t using, I was still acting like an active addict.

It was now time to release all of those behaviors and self defeating thoughts I let clutter my life.

And that is what changed my life. Taking a real close look at myself in the mirror and not liking who I still was.

5 Ways I Became Successful

There are two known facts about me that I am not ashamed of: I am an addict, and I am a college drop-out. It sounds like it should be an intro to, “Two years why I’m not successful.” doesn’t it? But there are two more facts about me that you should also know: Those are two things that also inspire me and motivate me to move forward in my life.

So how did I do it? How did I become successful despite having to active working forces opposing me?

Fairly simple:

1. Get Inspired And Motivated:

Yes, sounds easy but to get deeply inspired and motivated can be hard. What in your life sparks body shaking desire? What brings you fulfillment- because most likely that will be the thing that keeps you moving, shaking, and making.

2. Staying Inspired and Motivated

This is the hard part, STAYING inspired and motivated. It seems that as we grow sometimes our desires will. If your desire changes don’t get so stuck on achieving success through the first goal, sometimes when we get further down our path we realize something is so much better. Get the clarity you need when our inspiration changes, it’ll keep you motivated. Goals change, success doesn’t.

3. Relaaaaaax.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve held myself back because I wouldn’t smell those damn roses. Relaxing and recharging is important when you are creative mind. With out relaxation you WILL hit that wall HARD.

4. Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

When you are relying on yourself to be your own boss, it’s going to be time to hustle, hustle, hustle. You’re going to have to really define work time and play time (which work time is going to be the majority of the time) when it comes to your hustle, you’re going to have to really rely on the right balance between work, relaxing, and keeping yourself motivated to make the defined line.

and most importantly

5. Don’t Listen to Anyone

If someone isn’t being supportive or giving you loving advice, kick their opinion to the curb. This has been the HARDEST lesson for me. I always hear about my choice to drop-out. Don’t take any hate too seriously, and if you you think it holds weight, reminder rule one and two.


What Six Years of Being Clean Taught Me

September 21 2010 was the day my life changed- it was the day I woke up. It was the day everything changed because of one single choice that just had to be made. This way the day I got clean. My birthday, Christmas, New Years doesn’t excite me quite like this day does. Why? Because in the end- this is the day that I recreated myself.

There are a lot of feelings that resolve around this day- anger, happiness, shame, resentment, excitement, and fear. For non-addicts it’s hard to understand why I might have these feelings towards my own clean date. But for all you addicts out there, it’s probably a familiar anxiety you have.

Every year I post a Facebook status- sometimes it’s coded and sometimes it’s written rather clear as day. For the post part, the comments are pleasant, celebratory- but not always. I am supported for the most part in my journey of recovery but there is always a comment or two about how if I never used drugs I’d never have to worry about celebrating this date.

This isn’t going to be some uplifting post- these last six years have been hard. When they tell you in groups that you know nothing about recovery after a year or two- they’re not lying because you really don’t know shit about recovery. At times, even to this day, I feel like I am fighting multiple lions with no weapons. There are days I still question myself and days when my skin is way  to thin and I have to retreat.

One of the hardest lessons I learned is that looking back is the worse thing you can do for yourself. Not just on drug use, but friendships, relationships, mistakes, and dreams. There have been times when I have wanted to contact old friends to just check up. I have found that it hurts when they are still using, but harder, when they got clean themselves and just have no interest in contact. I’ve realized it’s selfish, completely selfish to call people up and say sorry for the things you said, things you did, and things you didn’t do just to make yourself better- because maybe they do not want to revisit that. They owe you nothing, especially a “I accept your apology” or, “I am happy you’re clean now.”

It was hard for me to learn that not everyone is going to forgive, and maybe, I don’t deserve to be forgiven.

Part of that becomes easier when you separate your using self and your real self. My active using self isn’t me, I look back at the memories like stories- as though it wasn’t me. That is what recovery is about- rediscovery.