Why You Should Practice Gratitude Right Now

Being grateful is important to changing your mindset and being able to create a much more positive approach to life. 

I remember once when I was younger and going through what was the hardest part of my life- my therapist once said to me: Being happy is some thing we do. It doesn’t come to you. While there are things that happen to us that are traumtic we have a chance everyday when we wake up- to make the effort to have a good day. 

Though- let’s be realistic, life is hard. Life throws curve balls, and I don’t agree that happiness is an all the time thing. (Actually- being happy all the time is unhealthy.) The reason is stuck out to me was where the conversation led to.


He spoke of how to try to create more happiness. He went onto saying that there is a tool to help you maintain a positive outlook when you wake up: Gratitude.

Gratitude is important because you count your blessing. You focus on what is going right. You focus on what you do have, and not what you DON’T have. It creates a more positive self talk, and reminds you of what’s great about your life.

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Why My First Photo Shoot Was Uplifting

Those of you who follow my instagram (@theghoulgirls_tarot) might have seen two pictures I posted about my first photo shoot ever. This is an experience that I have probably always wanted to experience, but never had the confidence to actually go out and do.

Since childhood I have always been very self-conscious and had low self-esteem. I always felt like the fat sister and for the most important part of a young girl’s life I was slightly over weight, something that was pointed out to me quite often.

With media’s thinspo attitude and need to shove it down our throat, it really weighed on me. Sometimes being an average size woman is hard- much less overweight.


There is good news though- even though I’m still slightly overweight due to America’s standards for media- this was a very freeing experience. My photographer Erin B. was very understanding and helped me get comfortable. Instead of being demanding she was super fun and laughed off my awkwardness.

Even though I DID feel self-conscious and the entire morning I cringed at ever new outfit I tried on, she was there to make sure to uplift me and to remind me that I am in fact beautiful.


I would have to say, if you’re like me and have low self esteem that maybe a causal photo shoot can help you with a boost of confident. There were times that I WAS unhappy with my appearance in some of her photos, I was happy with most. Even if you don’t have a budget to hire a professional (god knows this is a clear luxury) even if you do it yourself or have a friend do it- I think getting this done is a great idea.

Thank you Erin B. not only for the amazing business head shot and shoot, but also giving me the inspiration I needed to remind myself I am still a beautiful mother.