Five Card Email Reading: 10 USD

Seven Card Email Reading: 15 USD

Ten Card Email Reading: 17 USD

Twelve Card Email Reading: 25 USD

Phone Readings:

30 minutes for 25 USD

60 minutes for 45 USD

Skype/Video Chat:

30 minutes for 20 USD

60 minutes for 40 USD

In Home Readings: 

60 minutes for 45 USD


Interpret My Dream:

A reading to help you understanding a dream or serious of dreams. Our dreams are often a reflection of our subconscious fears, hopes, strength, and weaknesses.

Have relationship issues? This reading is sweet, quick, and to the point. This reading helps you understand both your inner workings and your partner, and overviews what your going through and what the outcome will be.

Having trouble loving yourself? This reading will help you sort yourself out and re-learn how to really care and appreciate yourself.

If you’re feeling as though your energy is being drained or blocked you may be in need of an energy re-alignment, this reading with aid you in understanding what’s blocked, drained, and flourishing.

We all have life plans and purpose- and this reading will help you understand your souls design.
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