Dreams: Guiding Through Your Soul

Back when I was 16 I worked with a paranormal group- I was in charge of their social media and with that- I started studying everything that was paranormal and occult related. One of the things was dreams interpretations and it slowly became one of my favorite topics. There was a point where I owned and studied multiple books and audio types on it. If you go through my tumblr account (theghoulgirls) you can actually find a lot of posts on this topic on how to interpret dreams and folklore on dreams.

In my first year old college I had a professor who was a fan of Carl Jung- which is mostly known for his ideas on the collective conscious and his ideology on the archetypes.  For those of you who follow me for my spirituality post and tarot work- I attended college and majored in: Addiction Counseling, Clinical Counseling, and was working on my undergrad for Human Services- all of which focus in psychology. One thing about the pioneers of modern day Psychology (Freud and Jung) is how they worked with the dream world. (Unneeded opinion- always go with Jungian theory. Less sexual and more to the point.)

The most interesting thing during my psychology class was this- was the studies that made dream interpreting a reality. I remember sitting in class when my professor told us a story about how he interpreted his sisters in law dream: she stood on the beach with waves crashing around her- with her family far ahead. She was pregnant at the time and withholding the information.

Shortly after this, I had a dream. One that, in a way, changed my life forever. In this dream, I sat in a wooden chair, unable to see anyone, but could hear my husband say, “theres my baby, theres my baby boy” and two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test, and almost 5 months later my ultrasound revealed I was in fact having a baby boy.

Dreams, they’re fascinating fragments of our subconscious and unconscious mind. Things that our mind keep from us during the day. Stress, anger, despair, worry, hate- your mind will create images that hopefully you’ll take and interpret.





Beginning a Spiritual Life Pt. 2

Since the beginning of my journey I have experienced a type of grief- one where I look at my old life and grieve for myself. Since then, I have felt as though there has been a type of death. A death of myself- almost as though in the past couple years there has been multiple of me.

Old pictures of me sometime haunt me- to look at someone who looks exactly like you but you can’t recognize. My spirit is does not know this person- is this true enlightenment? Is this transformation? Sometimes I do not understand why I am experiencing this.

I think for most people who partake in a spiritual journey experiences one death of themselves. One death that ends one life and starts another, a moment when we transform. This isn’t a death of a habit, a death of a thought, or death of a cycle- but the entire death of your person. Sometimes when I look back I don’t even feel like those memories belong to me. It’s more of a video that is playing behind my eyes.

In a way this grief makes sense to me though, because there is a life I left behind. There are people, ideas, hopes, fear, and dreams that will never happen. There are words that will never be spoken, and that the old me will never be able to create the world she had wanted as a child. At times, I wish I had never changed, but as we know everything happens for a reason.




Law of Attraction: The Truth

In the spiritual community the phrase/term “Law Of Attraction” is used frequently and always seems to be over looked. This term has shaped my own spiritual journey and my life. While this idea is simple, it’s often not brought completely to it’s potential use. A lot of people often toss it to the side. As though they think, “yeah, yeah like I can actually think things into existence.” Well, yeah, you can. You really can. It’s completely true and I’m not yanking your chain or teasing you.

This is a tool, a completely free tool given to you and it’s wasted. You waste this beautiful tool the universe hands you.

Law of Attraction is fairly easy to master and use to your advantage. It’s starts of with you training the way you think, almost like what cognitive behaviorist would try to achieve. You’ll want to start training yourself to think POSITIVELY, and to avoid negative thoughts. This does not mean avoiding your feelings; be angry and be sad. But do not let it stop you- this is an error a large mistake to forget that you are a human.

This just means that when you think bad about someone, stop yourself. When you feel jealous of someone, try to remind yourself of the blessings in your life. When you tell yourself you can not achieve, change it around and think about all the things you can do. Law of Attraction works like a magnet, the more positive energy you let out the more you can let in.

When you’ve gotten use to this you can literally start thinking, “I WILL have a good day.” “I will get the job I want.” “I WILL get a good grade” Of course, you HAVE to put good energy into it, and the more energy and time the more profit you will get. High Vibes will Attract High Vibes.

If you’re struggling with changing the way you think you can always:


Leave post it notes

Leave a daily reminder on your phone.

Record yourself saying the things you want to achieve and listen to it through out the day.

Mediate before and after putting your feelers out.


How to Notice your Spiritual Awakening:


Recently a couple friends came over for a couple drinks and food- and the talk of spirituality came up as usual. A friend asked an important question though: Is everyone spiritual as in having a gift, or are some people just special? This seems to be a trick question to me.

For me– everyone IS born with a gift, but most people look over it and never tap into it. So, what are the signs that people miss?

  1. Waking up in the middle of the night.
    When our soul is waking up we might experience some sleepless nights. This is due to many reasons– maybe our soul is struggling to recognize itself and feel uncomfortable. Maybe we feel the moon and planets switching or notice spirits around us at play.
  2. Time passing uneveningly
    Time is a man made structure– it’s not REAL. What is real is what happens– the moments of our lives ARE real. When things are moving fast time seems less important. While when things are down– things seem surreal and we pay more attention to detail. We sometimes get “”lost” or we “”observe”” more.
  3. Issues with our sinuses, throat issues.
    This is a sign of Clair-audience– which is connected to the throat charka. Often when charka points open they will be unbalanced. Unbalanced charka points tend to cause ailments.
  4. Lights around you.
    This is Clairvoyance powers coming through. This may be your visions trying to come through to you but not making it through.
  5. Repeating Numbers
    One of my favorites– and this personally happened to me. Numbers have meanings– and if they’re showing up to you someone might be putting them in front of you for a reason.
  6.  Certain people start draining you
    This is a sign of being an Empath– you’re soul is now able to notice who is carrying lower energy and who isn’t. You can grab onto their emotions and energy and you don’t even know.


Alternatives to Saging:

There are reasons one might not want to sage, but there other alternative to cleansing your home and area. Sometimes its the cost of saging tools, sometimes it’s because of children in the home, or maybe it could be the time and energy. So here are some simple, cool ways to do cleanse your home with out saging!


  1. Try boiling flowers or herbs in a cauldron (or pot!) in your home. Not only will this give your home a clean, welcoming scent– but it’ll spread those positive, clean waves all over your home!
  2. During the New Moon or Full moon leave a pot or jar of water out to soak up those energy and then clean your home with it. It’ll replace/wash away negative, unwanted energies out of your space and place positive energies into your home.
  3. Leave Salt on windowsills, door steps, and closets. Salt absorbs bad energy and also prevents it from entering your home. This is not only a good cleansing method– it’s also good at PREVENTING the issue from happening in the first place.
  4. Healing, protection, and cleansing stones at the North, East, South, and West sides of your home.

For extra protection for these, it’s a good idea to charge all of these objects with love and light before placing them. Making sure the objects are clean, cleansed and filled with positive energy them self is always key for these things working out. It is also a bad idea just to use random tools you find or buy– always make sure you take it upon yourself to make sure they are real or cleansed yourself.


Beginning a Spiritual Life PT 1:

I remember when I was younger and wanting to embrace myself– I was often scared of what I was experiencing. It was uncomfortable not knowing what was going on with myself. Was this normal– the anxiety that happened right before something bad happen? Getting sick around someone while everyone else was fine– then finding out what a gross, creep they were?

Spirituality was a huge thing that played into me learning about myself, and trusting myself. I read Sylvia Browne as a teen– this was my eye opener. But, hey, HOW do I do this. What do I do? I didn’t get along with all that hippie, boho, namaste all the time crowd. To me, it all seemed fake and if I couldn’t get down with it, I guess I’m just not cut out for it.

Well, spirituality is and never will be able fitting into an idea. That is, most likely, the complete opposite of spirituality. You need to true to yourself– and your truth is like no one else’s.

Being spiritual isn’t a over night thing– it is an endless journey. It is lessons on lessons on lesson, it is trial and error, it’s uncomfortable, but most importantly: rewarding. Since starting the path I am on today I have changed– I am no longer an angry, petty, mean little girl. I am happier, lighter, and pleasanter.

This will not be an over night thing. This will not be instant. This will be easy nor will it be always clear. You will get lost. You will get uncomfortable. Doubtful. Impatient. That is the point though. You have to put the hard work in, because you get the energy back that you put in.




Do’s and Don’ts of Tarot:

After six years of practice and studying– I’ve had a couple mishaps and have learned a  of lessons when it comes to taking care of my cards and using them.Tarot cards and Oracle cards are like any other type of tool– they need to be treated right to work right. If your cards are grumpy, moody, and not working– it’s probably you.

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts I’ve learned:

Do: Cleanse your cards on the regular basis. This can be done in a couple ways: Leaving them in the moon light, keeping them with cleansing crystals, burying them in rich soul over night, take all your cards and put them back in order, or you can keep them with salt.

Don’t: Do not read yourself frequently. Not only is this bad for you– but it’s pretty bad for your cards too. Your wasting energy and they can get a bit of a nasty energy treatment. I’ve learned that if you ask a question and you don’t get an answer– they don’t plan on telling you.

Do: Keep your cards wrapped up. Different people use different materials– but I was raised on silk. This keeps them concealed thus blocking energy from seeping on them.

Don’t: Do not research meaning to fit what you want. This is a relationship between your cards and you. Researching and looking for outside sources is negating the point of building a relationship. Bond with your cards– listen to them.