Say Hello to Mercury in Retrograde!

That’s right! Mercury has just once again gone into Retrograde. Also along with Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus which have been in Retrograde- but no one fears them quite like good ole’ Mercury.

Someone messages me the other day asking for my opinion about Mercury re-entering Retrograde and I honestly shrugged it off. 

Mercury in Retrograde is only scary when you LET it be scary. This Retrograde it honestly feared by so many people but let’s be real- it’s not scary and only will be if you’re not tuning into your own thoughts and feeling. If you’re unconscious- that’s when it’s your enemy.

This is one of the best times to challenage your current perspective and to really practice some mindful behaviors and to look into getting insight on other situations and views.

A lot of people’s issues is not really listening to themselves and blindly moving around- it’s time to mediate, mediate, mediate. It’s time to re-enforce good behaviors, and really look at what ones need to exit right on the stage. It’s time to focus on more healthy communication with yourself and others.

Mercury is Retrograde in my opinion is a great time for CHANGE. If you’re struggling it’s due to something needing to change and this is a great time to REFLECT on that.

I was just reading something and it sparked a really good perspective (look it’s already happening!) that this is also a great time to implentment new affirmations, personal mantras, and new habits. 

I fully agree that this is one hunderd percent that time. 


Dreams: Guiding Through Your Soul

Back when I was 16 I worked with a paranormal group- I was in charge of their social media and with that- I started studying everything that was paranormal and occult related. One of the things was dreams interpretations and it slowly became one of my favorite topics. There was a point where I owned and studied multiple books and audio types on it. If you go through my tumblr account (theghoulgirls) you can actually find a lot of posts on this topic on how to interpret dreams and folklore on dreams.

In my first year old college I had a professor who was a fan of Carl Jung- which is mostly known for his ideas on the collective conscious and his ideology on the archetypes.  For those of you who follow me for my spirituality post and tarot work- I attended college and majored in: Addiction Counseling, Clinical Counseling, and was working on my undergrad for Human Services- all of which focus in psychology. One thing about the pioneers of modern day Psychology (Freud and Jung) is how they worked with the dream world. (Unneeded opinion- always go with Jungian theory. Less sexual and more to the point.)

The most interesting thing during my psychology class was this- was the studies that made dream interpreting a reality. I remember sitting in class when my professor told us a story about how he interpreted his sisters in law dream: she stood on the beach with waves crashing around her- with her family far ahead. She was pregnant at the time and withholding the information.

Shortly after this, I had a dream. One that, in a way, changed my life forever. In this dream, I sat in a wooden chair, unable to see anyone, but could hear my husband say, “theres my baby, theres my baby boy” and two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test, and almost 5 months later my ultrasound revealed I was in fact having a baby boy.

Dreams, they’re fascinating fragments of our subconscious and unconscious mind. Things that our mind keep from us during the day. Stress, anger, despair, worry, hate- your mind will create images that hopefully you’ll take and interpret.




Waxing Moon: Gemini

Moon in Gemini:

You’ll be needing to keep busy with all the Gemini energy coming to you. This is a time when you will get a new desire to go out and there and be chatty. An excellent time to re-connect with old friend. But beware– the duality of the twins also can bring irritability. You’re going to be superficial with housework– likely to float around and lounge around. One moment you could be texting on the phone to a friend and the other moment cuddled up in anger. You’re going to be quick in your chatter, but don’t let your indecisive mindset to shut out what others have to say.

Waxing Moon in Gemini:

With the Waxing Moon paired with Gemini it’s a wonderful time to start new writing ideas, opening lines of ties of communication, a great time to start some creative yet structured ideas. It’s also a great time to re-connect with people outside of your domestic life. You’ll get a strong start to all your projects and ideas. Very great time for starting the thought process of a brand new life style– just be wary on depending to much on you lightness or having your ideas weighed down by moodiness.

What to do during this Moon Phase:

Start a journal, read looks of books– look at magazines, tutorials, and newsletter, go out and meet new people, join a support group or social group. Throw a party with friends– go out and be social! Fantastic time to get to know people.

Moon Phases: New Moon in Pisces

Mar. 8. 20:54 EST

Pisces in Moon:

Watch your emotions– you’ll be a sponge adsorbing others around you simply by being in their presence. Maybe it is a good idea to withdraw yourself and focus on creating ideas. The dreaming energy that is going to be floating around you will be a huge strength in this time. Keep things light and know when you need a break away from people to charge.


Waning Moon in Pisces: 

A very good time to go with in yourself and search– looking closely at the negative feelings you’re carrying inside. Pisces is an extremely emotional sign and energy. It’s time to figure out where the emotional discomfort is coming from and release it.

Things to do During a Waning Moon in Pisces:

It’s a good time to cleanse things: yourself, your home, your energy, even your cat! Think about doing a nice, long bathe with looks of essences oils. Put time together just to be alone with yourself. Dream– dream big. Play your favorite music all day.



Moon Phases: Waning Moon

Mar. 1. 18:11 EST.

Moon in Sagittarius:

A rather huge influx of positive and optimist energy in flowing in at this time. Creative, unstoppable energy with a light-heart and courageous movement. This energy, if used and controlled you may be able to be unstoppable. If not, you could find yourself in a not-so-good situation. Be careful not to blind yourself . Things are limitless, but be sure to have a little touch with reality.

Waning Moon in Sagittarius: 

For the youthful energy, you’ll be looking at a time of sweet release. Apply this energy to breaking free, relaxing, and distressing. Consider breaking down the bad habits that really bring you down. Waning moon is all about release, breaking away, and focuses the end. Sagittarius will end you in a happy beginning.

Things to do:

Laugh, plays games, create jokes that will crack your ribs, center your time around animals, play with children, go to a concert of party. Live your life shamelessly.

Moon in Sagittarius Square Sun in Pisces

Breaking down boundaries and pushing boundaries, with this anything you put your mind to right now is achievable. Find duality in being free loving, a go getter, and free with your need sensitivity during this time.

Full Moon: Virgo

Feb. 22. 13:20 EST

Moon in Virgo: A practical, organized, focused energy. Be sure to take the time to balance the mind and body; indulge in practices that allow this. You will be turned more inwards, but be sure not to completely turn off from people. This is a great time for a  lot of self love behaviors, you will feel more at home and can heighten this experience.

Full Moon in Virgo: Time to bring clarity into our actions and this can be a great time to truly manifest and bring our desires into reality. Virgo the Virgin is also a time to purify ourselves, and amazing time to create something for a higher cause. Emotionally we will be needing balance, and need to embrace organization.

Good Time To: Create a solid routine, think daily. Create time for you, break away from others for a little. Focus inwards. One thing is to make sexual encounters scared, sensual, and tender.

Moon in Virgo  Opposition Sun in Pisces: Practical Vs. Dreamy, this is what we will be dealing with on the full moon. There will be two very different types of energy, but if mastered and balanced we could create a beautiful, harmonized creation.

Waxing Moon: Taurus

Feb. 15. 2:39 EST:

Moon in Taurus: Cozy, secure, grounded energy is all around us. This is very good energy to gather the determination you need to get things done. While this energy may make you want to bunker down and just snuggle, it is also great for recouping and re-energizing. (It’s a good time to relax, to practice calmness and inner serenity.)

Try not to mistake the want to be lazy– and the need to relax, and practice keeping calm. Use this peaceful energy for good.

Waxing Moon in Taurus: This is a generally great time to focus on family, warming up with them, making memories, and creating a homey aspect with them. This is a time for love– maybe not romantic love, just simply creating love. This is also a time to really iron out things you are wanting to complete. Fully conceptualizing the things you want to manifest into reality. Think– Taurus’ are lazy, just tend to get stuck on making things perfect and well shaped.

Things to do: Change your appearance, focus on physical changes. Could also be a decent time to change around the home decor– home focused changes are ideal.

Taurus Moon Square Pisces Sun: Such complimentary energy– sensitivity, nurturing, loving, positive, and accepting. This will fuel home life with loved ones– specially our close knitted family members. It’s a time where acceptance of each others feelings and ideas will be heightened.