Falling Back In Love With Life

I’ve experienced  a great amount of life in depressive dazes since I was a small child. For the majority of my teenaged years I spent it in an angers rage. To be honest, there was never a real point in my life where I was really happy. Until recently, my life was ruled by negative emotions and negative notions.

That was it- misery and apathetic was how it was going to be.

There is a point in everyone’s life where the must feel this way. It’s as though life is just a greyscale painting. As though everything is slowed down and you think to yourself, “This is my life, and it just sucks.” To be truthful, I’ve been here more than once. To be truthful again, this can also be an amazing point to be at.

 Why? At this point and time, you are aware of where you stand in your life. This is where you can change it. This is not where the unhappiness begun; this is just where you woke up to it. If you’ve felt this way before there is a good chance you’ve been unhappy for quite sometime and chances are, you weren’t loving life for a long time.

This is where changes bloom from. This is where you can get creative and here lies the question: are you ready to fall back into love with life?

If yes, what needs to change? What needs to be fixed? How are you going to productively change your life? 

It’s time to declutter your mind so you can declutter your life. It’s okay to shed old ideas, old friendships, old relationships, and old practices. Allow yourself to get rid of what no longer suits you. Please do it. Write down what’s been making you unhappy whether it is your weight, your marriage, your job, and so on. The important thing after this task is: why is it making you so unhappy or feeling stuck? Because after that step, you can now figure out how to actively fix and change it.

Let me tell you, falling back in love with life is possible and almost magical. It’s like waking up from a nightmare. It rearranging your bedroom during the spring time or changing your look after a bad break up.

Never stop giving life a chance, because it will always surprise you with the best gifts ever.


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