5 Lessons I Learned From Recovery

After enduring a traumatic childhood that subjected me to both a gnarly drug addiction and eating disorder- it wasn’t until I dedicated myself to my recovery that I found two things: 1) relief 2) how to start living.

I’ve talked before about what it’s like to be six years clean, but there are a couple lessons that I hold dearly to me and if your recovering from anything it could help you too.

Recovery isn’t just for addicts- anyone can go through a moment where they need to refocus, recharge, and restart in their life. 

So here it is, my five lessons to pass on to you:

1. Breathe.

In the last six years of being clean I had convinced myself that the only way I would make it through is if I held my breathe and just shoved myself through what felt like air right cracks. All this did though was lead me to multiple internal crisis incidents (shout out to my friends and family for putting up with my breakdowns with such grace) and a lot of lost time. It’s okay to take a moment to breathe and collect yourself.

2. Cut Those Ties

We all know drug friends or narcissist friends are just SO great and SO hard to replace, but when it comes to shedding our skin it’s also time to shed some friends. We associate people with time and events- and if these people are at the center of the problems it’s most likely a sign this friendship or relationship has very much expired. 

3. Find Your Niche

The less free time you have the best in the beginning- having a project or hobby that really fills you with joy is a good place to start in recovery. 

My now business stemmed from just that- a recovery project. When I started going through my process of getting clean and sober I started blogging about lifestyle and spirituality- and now look, it’s what I do for a living.

4. Groups aren’t the enemy.

Groups are such a vital part of recovery- and when I first got clean I refused to participate. It’s odd to look back and think , “how did I ever think no one would get it?!” 

Groups are great for keeping you reminded that you’re not alone and that their are people who get you. It gives you a network in case you are feeling weak- and brings you together with like minded people.

Groups are great because you can even join them anonymously on the web through chats and forums.

5. Don’t Wait To Start Living

Dude- worse mistake. You don’t have to be a certain amount past in your recovery to deserve some relaxation. With recovery- every day sober or “”moved”” on should be a mini celebration- otherwise recovery is met with the attitude of it being a chore.
Sincerely ,

Alexis DiOrio

(For topic requests please email me at Alexis.DiOrio1996@gmail.com)


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