Four Ways To Annoy a Self-Made Woman

Being a self made woman has its up and downs- embracing a movement about being in complete control of yourself is hard when we live in a society that is so sour towards us. To this day- whenever I attempt to empower myself and pat myself on my back it always turns into about how my husband isn’t getting a pat on his back or what about my son.

Let me tell you- the struggle is real.

I have spent the last 2 years seriously working up my business and myself- and yet there are still moments when I want to throw the white flag down and square up in defense. Why do I even HAVE to defend myself.

So this is for all my other boss ass babes who will probably be able to vibe with all these statements. You totally rock my world girls and you’ll total smack your face with me on these.

  1. “”Aw how cute your [partner] must really love you a lot to let you have this hobby””

Oh boy, yes, I am very glad that my husband is patient with the long hours that I have to work, and late night slumbers I wake up from with a “AH HA” moment and need to get up a right. But don’t get me wrong too- I would never let my husband at the same time limit me from my dream.

2. “”Shouldn’t you use your spare time cleaning or something””

If I had a job that I went out to- would you hassle me like this? No, you wouldn’t. Because this question very much stems from you not thinking my job is legitimate. Anyway- I am a super mom who somehow seems to keep my life in a pretty decent check and balances.

3. “”Why don’t you just get a real job”

I do have a job- I run a small business, blog, and currently working on becoming a Public Speaker. Just because you don’t have the nerve to be a risk taker doesn’t mean I don’t.

4. “”How much money do you actually make?””

It is so beyond rude to ask anyone what their income is, and its really NOT your business. Do not ask me what or how much I make at any point- and I KNOW other queen bees feel the same, especially starting out.




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