Why You Need To Embrace Bad Feelings

It could a general concensus that we are all completely and utterly over 2016. For most of us it could easily be said to be one of the hardest years. It was a year of sudden change- and some of us saw that in loss and tragedy.

For me, this year was long and hard. It has seemed to hit me hard every time I have gotten back up from the next one- it has tested my endurance as not only a business owner, but as a person.

One of the many, many lessons I learned to just embrace my feelings. In my gut I would get feelings- but then push them off as nothing. This in the end- one was of my deepest issues that this year has definitely put to bed.

When I learned how to just simply embrace and feel my feelings life seemed to go much better. And yes- this means my anger.

Somewhere in my life the idea that if I ignored my negative feelings then I wouldn’t ACTUALLY be feeling that way- and this become a deadly poison of my life. In doing this, I was actually holding onto my issues for longer, letting them fester until I popped.

So, while there were a lot of moments in this long year  I was angry (and oh yes, I am an angry person) I perpetually let it fester- thinking that this was a way to deal with it.

But recently, it’s clear to me that this is wrong. Wrong in so many level. So my advice?

Feel your anger, feel your despair, FEEL anything. And actually live in the moment. Don’t act on it- but feel it so you can release it. Your feels and energy you get are indictors of your text moves and what needs to go or stay.


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