5 Ways I Became Successful

There are two known facts about me that I am not ashamed of: I am an addict, and I am a college drop-out. It sounds like it should be an intro to, “Two years why I’m not successful.” doesn’t it? But there are two more facts about me that you should also know: Those are two things that also inspire me and motivate me to move forward in my life.

So how did I do it? How did I become successful despite having to active working forces opposing me?

Fairly simple:

1. Get Inspired And Motivated:

Yes, sounds easy but to get deeply inspired and motivated can be hard. What in your life sparks body shaking desire? What brings you fulfillment- because most likely that will be the thing that keeps you moving, shaking, and making.

2. Staying Inspired and Motivated

This is the hard part, STAYING inspired and motivated. It seems that as we grow sometimes our desires will. If your desire changes don’t get so stuck on achieving success through the first goal, sometimes when we get further down our path we realize something is so much better. Get the clarity you need when our inspiration changes, it’ll keep you motivated. Goals change, success doesn’t.

3. Relaaaaaax.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve held myself back because I wouldn’t smell those damn roses. Relaxing and recharging is important when you are creative mind. With out relaxation you WILL hit that wall HARD.

4. Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

When you are relying on yourself to be your own boss, it’s going to be time to hustle, hustle, hustle. You’re going to have to really define work time and play time (which work time is going to be the majority of the time) when it comes to your hustle, you’re going to have to really rely on the right balance between work, relaxing, and keeping yourself motivated to make the defined line.

and most importantly

5. Don’t Listen to Anyone

If someone isn’t being supportive or giving you loving advice, kick their opinion to the curb. This has been the HARDEST lesson for me. I always hear about my choice to drop-out. Don’t take any hate too seriously, and if you you think it holds weight, reminder rule one and two.



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