When You Miss A Call, The Universe Screams

I can’t tell you how many times the Universe has grabbed me by my shirt and said, “You’re going to start listening to me or I’m going to get mean.” Ah yes, there have been times when we have thought about how cruel of a mistress our universe can be, sometimes it’s down right nasty and unfair.

But think about it, when someone doesn’t listen to your advice or warnings don’t you get a little pissy? The Universe and the Divine are close to that, a force that sometimes has to get a little pushy for use to start listening.

The Universe is always sending us messages once we open up to it- but these bad boys can often be a little scripted and unclear. There have been many times that the Universe has been like, ” Look, Alexis this is a bad idea stop it.” and after I ignore it- BAM. Hits me harder than it ever had before.


Though, how do you know whats a message? Oddly placed things, or when you have two choices, the one your heart and gut tells you to choose is the one you should always pick. We notice them, but we brush them off. Stop brushing off those “”coincidences”” and start seeing those god instances. Nothing is a mistake, and everything has a meaning.

Recently, a good friend of mind suffered a great loss- her husband had died. Her phone started acting odd- playing her husband’s pandora list. She figure out why, and her phone kept glitching, bringing up music she hadn’t listened to on her youtube recents.

When she was on her way to my house- it happened one more time: but to someone who code decode the message. Her husband’s spirit had been trying to contact her and when she pulled down my road she realized: it was HIS recently played music. All of the music had meaning; it told her a story, a story of their relationship.

It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a glitch- it was the work of a collaboration of the Universe and her husband: both telling her that it’s not her fault, he isn’t mad, and it’s time to fulfill her life’s purpose- which she was putting off because of him.


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