Why Being Spiritual Made Me A Better Mom

When I saw that plus sign- I knew it was going to get hard, harder than it had ever been for me. The hardest thing for me to keep balanced in my life was my patience and my temper. By no means has being patient ever been my best skill and to be honest, it was pretty much at zero percent mastered. To say the least, motherhood had been a very terrifying prospect for me.

Right before that plus sign I had exited an awful, toxic relationship that left me in need of healing more than ever. I found comfort and answers in my spiritual world more than ever. It taught me so much about balance, the gift of asking, and the power of my mindset. The sheer idea that my will could manifest all I wanted, and that it did. In those short months I had entirely rebuilt my goals and life- for the most part.

The issue was again, I had trouble with just how worried about my patience and temper. But I learned slowly, as I continued practicing mindful behavior, grounding techniques/ and mediating I handled issues being thrown at me. It was almost like the universe was giving me a crash course as to how to gain these such heavily valued skills for any new mother.

There is a funny thing about The Universe, and how it gives us what we need in such odd ways. I did my work for my patience and to finally grasp control on my temper. I was manifesting situations that gave me hands on experience with coping with everything.

Spirituality honed my intuitive nature, it helped me be able to more thoroughly feel my own feelings, helped me heal age old wounds- it helped me so deeply and prepared me for the moment my son was placed in my arms.

Due to my traumas I was a cold heart, miserable little child. I was selfish but in all the wrong ways. I learned from focusing on my spirituality that expressing feelings is not weak, but one of the strongest acts you can do.


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