I Am A College Drop-Out- And No, I Don’t Care

I dropped out college the semester after my son was born- he was four or five months old. There were plenty of questions as to why I made such a big choice to discontinue my education. Maybe some were out of real interest and real care- but a lot of it was in fact judgement.

“Aren’t you scared that you’ll never go back?”

“What if your credits expire?”

“How are you going to support your son if anything happens to [insert husband’s name]?”

I was close to graduating with three degrees- two certifications to practice counseling/therapy, and on my way to getting my MSW. I had a 3.2 GPA when I dropped out, and almost my entire college career I was pregnant or a mother- even became a business owner. Then it happened- it was said to me, landed on my lap like a heavy brick.

“What do you know, you’re just a college drop-out.”

BOOM. Someone said it, and at first it did hurt- but in the and, it made me realize that the basis of my success will be completely on me, not whether or not I went to a good college or not. (Note: I went to a Community College)

I look at this way:  I tried. I didn’t fail out. No, I didn’t give up on myself or my son- I- for once in my life- had a choice to pursue what I thought I was suppose to do and what I WANTED to do. When the words “self made woman” comes out my month- it’s real to me. It’s not whether the right classes, the right grades, the right GPA.

The amount of degrees and education I have doesn’t define me, it didn’t create me. Whenever people ask me for my credentials I don’t cringe anymore, because even though I didn’t finish those last 6 classes, I know how to open a new paper, how to open an article, how to read and open my eyes up to information that is passing by me everyday.

So, next time someone calls me a College Drop-Out, I might even take it as a compliment. My educations isn’t going to end there, it was just the beginning.



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