How I Got Started

A common question is how I started- and sometimes the person asking isn’t ready for the answer I give them. The life that I live now is not one I chose- but was given to me. There was no real choice- the further away it seem that I got the harder it pushed itself onto me.
What did I want? Maybe to a therapist, a social worker, psychologist, lawyer- at one point is was even a soldier in the US military. 
It wasn’t one day I woke up and said, “I’m going to be a psychic and spiritual coach.” Far from it- yes I’ve been practicing tarot for almost a decade- but never once did I consider it my profession. So what changed? 
It was a chapter- in my Chemical Dependency and Theory textbook. There was a 20 page chapter- almost 1/3 the size of the rest that went over the missing piece of recovery for addicts- which was the spiritual health we often forget to tend to. That was the moment- I couldn’t keep ignoring my talent and power. It was that moment I knew that- maybe this wasn’t some god awful curse and could actually be a blessing. And that was the moment- I knew this wasn’t a choice.


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