Beginning Mediation 

To this day- I remember my first time trying mediation. I was just fifteen years old and my old therapist suggested trying it to me. It was a time where I was expriencing a great about of emotional blockage. As a group we sat down to a guided mediation and during it, man, did I bawl my eyes out like a small child who lost their balloon.

But don’t take that as a bad thing- it was at that moment I FINALLY released all my emotions. Everything that was built up finally, finally just went.

Through out the years though, I’ve learned that there are a couple things to keep in mind when we first start. The first time, I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING. There was no plan- and times when I TRIED to go in with a plan, I received nothing.

So here is my advice:

Never Go in With a Plan

The more you try to force it- the harder it will go. Going in with a plan forces ego to build up and to be the main focus. Try to go in with no assumptions or ideas. 

Clear Your Mind

Leading up to it- avoid your phone or any types of media. Try to give yourself 30 minutes before of tasks that help relax your thought processes.

The Right Sounds

Check out YouTube for some sound tracks that help you get into the groove.

Be comfortable

Try to find a position that is comfortable enough to sit for awhile but not too comfortable you’ll fall asleep. When I do it I sit flat against the wall with my legs out.

And most importantly- keep trying.

Don’t give up. Your first time might not be the easiest. Sometimes it takes awhile to really understand how to get yourself where you need to be. Don’t be discouraged.


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