How Mint Can Change Your Life

To this day- Mint is by far my favorite herb in any garden I’ve grown. This herb goes in almost everything that is drunk or eaten by me too- but why? And really- how can a herb change your life? 

Mint is a versatile herb. It can be used in foods, drinks, beauty, and simply around the house. It’s been mentioned before that I have five- yes, five- plants in my home. It’s often in my teas, bathes, essential oils I make, in hair mask, and kept around the house to keep my home fresh. So here is how it will change your life:


Mint is activates salivary glands that release enzymes that start digesting. This helps breaks things down and get things moving.

Soothing Agent:

Yes, yes, yes. Migraines? Try rubbing a balm on the areas that are causing an issue. Stomach pains? Yep. Totally helps with those aches and pains. Make either a tea, put in a smoothie, or just eat it! Anxiety? Even helps with this- just try smelling it and trying to relax.

Memory Loss:

Who has an issue with this like I do? Well- some studies show that peppermint can actually help us remember and stimulate our brain processes.

Weight Loss:

Because it’s good for digestion it must not be a HUGE surprise it’s also really good for losing weight. Due to this- it’s worked into my diet for this reason. If you’re like me with a slow metabolism it might help if you try to consume some on a regular basis.


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