How I Healed My Stomach Issues

After recovering from a long battle with an eating disorder I noticed that- food didn’t sit the same with my stomach. Dairy made me sick to my stomach and red meat became the bane of my existence. 

I knew at one point that my relationship with food changed forever. One of the hardest things was letting go of a lot of childhood memories from before I knew what the word “anorexia” would mean to me. My stomach discouraged my recovery at this point- what was I suppose to eat if my stomach hates everything ?

Well, here it is, this is the solution I found:
Mint is my best friend.

I once read that mint is great for digestion- so I worked it into my diet. In my house alone I have five mint plants. A lot of them time when I make green tea, I’ll seap mint leaves into my cooling green tea. 

Honey Honey Honey 

I really, really use to hate honey. But if you’ve been following my Instagram for awhile you’ve seen that I’ve introduced honey into my smoothies. Honey has a lot of healing properties that I benefit from.

Lighter Meals

Yep- I eat a lot of smaller meals through out the day and eat them slowly. I learned that while emotional and mentally I am recovering- but I also now understand my stomach needs time too. Large, heavy meals don’t sit well with my stomach anymore.

Replacing a Meal with a Smoothie

Ah, if you follow my Instagram again- you’ll see my smoothies are once a day typically in the morning. They range really- from oatmeal and banana for breakfast, or a green smoothie with spinach with coconut milk and cucumber.

Kicking Starting my Dead Metabolism 

After learning how to kick start my metabolism with the right foods and drinks my body seemed to learn how to process food again. Who would have thought, right?

Cutting as Much Meat Out

While I am still in the process of cutting all meat out of my diet- I’ve noticed the less meat I consume the more energy I have and the less stomach aches. Not to get gross either- but my bowel movements improved greatly too.


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