Living Ghoulish: Lifestyle and Fitness

My Fitness and Lifestyle choices and changes aren’t about being thin; it’s about recovery and becoming healthy. Not only physically but more importantly I want to become  mentally healthier and recovery mentally. Our bodies are one simple thing: the vessel in which carries, caresses, and delivers our souls to one another. If we do not treat ourselves kindly, respectfully, and in a healthy way- we can never expect our souls to be sound.

What am I recovering from? Years of disrespecting my vessel, my soul, and mind. Years of putting negative thoughts affect how I treated my body over and over. Consuming drugs, unhealthy food, or keeping food from my body. The amount of stress and unhealthy habits I’ve put my vessel through is something I use to ashamed of. But shame does not bring change.

So what can you expect from this section? Except me to tell you the raw truth. I do not eat organic everyday, and I do not calorie count. I do not eat only 1,500 calories a day, nor do I do yoga and 60 minutes of work outs a day. 

What you can expect from this is realistic, raw, and real efforts to get fit. This section will be a blend of food that is good for the soul and your waistline. You will see someone who struggles with their relationship with food tackle the reality of it all: it’s not about eating but what you are eating. 

My name is Alexis DiOrio and this is my Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Recovery Section.


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