The Beginning of A Spiritual Life Pt. 4

One of the hardest parts of spirituality is being told by others what you should and shouldn’t be doing. For me, I’ve been constantly bombarded by the idea that I should be some zen, cookie cutter, ball of sunshine. To simply say- that will never be me. I am an Aries Sun Sign and a Virgo Moon Sign- does that spell for shimmering sunshine? No.I am angry, I am a perfectionist, and I am beyond intense. That I’m-So-Hippie-Boho-Let’s-Be-Friends persona most people have in the Spiritual Community will never fit me. And if someone TRIES to push me into that box, I will kick and scream like a toddler at nap time.

Why? Because Spirituality is about learning about yourself, feeling comfortable as yourself, and connecting with the Divine Universe. This doesn’t mean I am closed off- maybe one day I’ll get to the point of that. But creating a fake persona would be me feeding into my own ego of wanting to be an idea versus a person. When it’s brought up to me about this Hippie persona is how I should act I scoff, it’s completely scoff-able that someone is projecting this onto me.

These personas take a couple things from us: Raw, powerful, unimaginable emotions. This persona takes me REAL emotions from me. Its normal to be sad, natural to be mad, human to grieve. That is the point of this journey- to re-connect with our souls. Blocking off our emotions is blocking ourselves off from our soul.

Letting someone preach this to you can be dangerous. People who are newly connecting with themselves need to learn how to be raw and real with themselves. That is the time to open up to the world and seas inside of yourself- perfecting the balance should only come later.


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