Law of Attraction: The Truth

In the spiritual community the phrase/term “Law Of Attraction” is used frequently and always seems to be over looked. This term has shaped my own spiritual journey and my life. While this idea is simple, it’s often not brought completely to it’s potential use. A lot of people often toss it to the side. As though they think, “yeah, yeah like I can actually think things into existence.” Well, yeah, you can. You really can. It’s completely true and I’m not yanking your chain or teasing you.

This is a tool, a completely free tool given to you and it’s wasted. You waste this beautiful tool the universe hands you.

Law of Attraction is fairly easy to master and use to your advantage. It’s starts of with you training the way you think, almost like what cognitive behaviorist would try to achieve. You’ll want to start training yourself to think POSITIVELY, and to avoid negative thoughts. This does not mean avoiding your feelings; be angry and be sad. But do not let it stop you- this is an error a large mistake to forget that you are a human.

This just means that when you think bad about someone, stop yourself. When you feel jealous of someone, try to remind yourself of the blessings in your life. When you tell yourself you can not achieve, change it around and think about all the things you can do. Law of Attraction works like a magnet, the more positive energy you let out the more you can let in.

When you’ve gotten use to this you can literally start thinking, “I WILL have a good day.” “I will get the job I want.” “I WILL get a good grade” Of course, you HAVE to put good energy into it, and the more energy and time the more profit you will get. High Vibes will Attract High Vibes.

If you’re struggling with changing the way you think you can always:


Leave post it notes

Leave a daily reminder on your phone.

Record yourself saying the things you want to achieve and listen to it through out the day.

Mediate before and after putting your feelers out.



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