How to Notice your Spiritual Awakening:


Recently a couple friends came over for a couple drinks and food- and the talk of spirituality came up as usual. A friend asked an important question though: Is everyone spiritual as in having a gift, or are some people just special? This seems to be a trick question to me.

For me– everyone IS born with a gift, but most people look over it and never tap into it. So, what are the signs that people miss?

  1. Waking up in the middle of the night.
    When our soul is waking up we might experience some sleepless nights. This is due to many reasons– maybe our soul is struggling to recognize itself and feel uncomfortable. Maybe we feel the moon and planets switching or notice spirits around us at play.
  2. Time passing uneveningly
    Time is a man made structure– it’s not REAL. What is real is what happens– the moments of our lives ARE real. When things are moving fast time seems less important. While when things are down– things seem surreal and we pay more attention to detail. We sometimes get “”lost” or we “”observe”” more.
  3. Issues with our sinuses, throat issues.
    This is a sign of Clair-audience– which is connected to the throat charka. Often when charka points open they will be unbalanced. Unbalanced charka points tend to cause ailments.
  4. Lights around you.
    This is Clairvoyance powers coming through. This may be your visions trying to come through to you but not making it through.
  5. Repeating Numbers
    One of my favorites– and this personally happened to me. Numbers have meanings– and if they’re showing up to you someone might be putting them in front of you for a reason.
  6.  Certain people start draining you
    This is a sign of being an Empath– you’re soul is now able to notice who is carrying lower energy and who isn’t. You can grab onto their emotions and energy and you don’t even know.



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