Alternatives to Saging:

There are reasons one might not want to sage, but there other alternative to cleansing your home and area. Sometimes its the cost of saging tools, sometimes it’s because of children in the home, or maybe it could be the time and energy. So here are some simple, cool ways to do cleanse your home with out saging!


  1. Try boiling flowers or herbs in a cauldron (or pot!) in your home. Not only will this give your home a clean, welcoming scent– but it’ll spread those positive, clean waves all over your home!
  2. During the New Moon or Full moon leave a pot or jar of water out to soak up those energy and then clean your home with it. It’ll replace/wash away negative, unwanted energies out of your space and place positive energies into your home.
  3. Leave Salt on windowsills, door steps, and closets. Salt absorbs bad energy and also prevents it from entering your home. This is not only a good cleansing method– it’s also good at PREVENTING the issue from happening in the first place.
  4. Healing, protection, and cleansing stones at the North, East, South, and West sides of your home.

For extra protection for these, it’s a good idea to charge all of these objects with love and light before placing them. Making sure the objects are clean, cleansed and filled with positive energy them self is always key for these things working out. It is also a bad idea just to use random tools you find or buy– always make sure you take it upon yourself to make sure they are real or cleansed yourself.



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