Beginning a Spiritual Life PT 1:

I remember when I was younger and wanting to embrace myself– I was often scared of what I was experiencing. It was uncomfortable not knowing what was going on with myself. Was this normal– the anxiety that happened right before something bad happen? Getting sick around someone while everyone else was fine– then finding out what a gross, creep they were?

Spirituality was a huge thing that played into me learning about myself, and trusting myself. I read Sylvia Browne as a teen– this was my eye opener. But, hey, HOW do I do this. What do I do? I didn’t get along with all that hippie, boho, namaste all the time crowd. To me, it all seemed fake and if I couldn’t get down with it, I guess I’m just not cut out for it.

Well, spirituality is and never will be able fitting into an idea. That is, most likely, the complete opposite of spirituality. You need to true to yourself– and your truth is like no one else’s.

Being spiritual isn’t a over night thing– it is an endless journey. It is lessons on lessons on lesson, it is trial and error, it’s uncomfortable, but most importantly: rewarding. Since starting the path I am on today I have changed– I am no longer an angry, petty, mean little girl. I am happier, lighter, and pleasanter.

This will not be an over night thing. This will not be instant. This will be easy nor will it be always clear. You will get lost. You will get uncomfortable. Doubtful. Impatient. That is the point though. You have to put the hard work in, because you get the energy back that you put in.





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