Do’s and Don’ts of Tarot:

After six years of practice and studying– I’ve had a couple mishaps and have learned a  of lessons when it comes to taking care of my cards and using them.Tarot cards and Oracle cards are like any other type of tool– they need to be treated right to work right. If your cards are grumpy, moody, and not working– it’s probably you.

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts I’ve learned:

Do: Cleanse your cards on the regular basis. This can be done in a couple ways: Leaving them in the moon light, keeping them with cleansing crystals, burying them in rich soul over night, take all your cards and put them back in order, or you can keep them with salt.

Don’t: Do not read yourself frequently. Not only is this bad for you– but it’s pretty bad for your cards too. Your wasting energy and they can get a bit of a nasty energy treatment. I’ve learned that if you ask a question and you don’t get an answer– they don’t plan on telling you.

Do: Keep your cards wrapped up. Different people use different materials– but I was raised on silk. This keeps them concealed thus blocking energy from seeping on them.

Don’t: Do not research meaning to fit what you want. This is a relationship between your cards and you. Researching and looking for outside sources is negating the point of building a relationship. Bond with your cards– listen to them.



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