Two Day Detox: Review

I truly wish when I did this detox I took a before and after shot– you guys won’t believe what I am about to tell you.

For a little preface let me explain how this detox came to happen: I’m a young mother, only recently truly twenty and my son is nearing his one year birthday faster than I would like. Losing this baby weight has been impossible. Working out and meal planning is hard when you have a little one who decides your schedules and also plans them without even consideration. Compounded with staying up on client readings and networking… well sometimes I forget what my bed looks like. So, one day while shopping my husband came across this two day detox. Ten months into an endless weight loss journey I gave into the detox fad.

No regrets on it.

The name of the brand is: Garden Greens: GLOBAL FRUITS 2-Day Juice Cleanse.

It’s a juice with: Noni, Goji, Acai, Papaya, Cranberry, Pomegrante, and Pineapple.

And it suppose to: Cleanse and Detox, Reduce bloating and water weight, and helps restore your metabolism.

So, first the instructions tell you it’s 4 times a day, 4 ounces, 3o minutes before each meal. A little intense, but I rarely follow anything according directions. I tried my hardest but my timing wasn’t exact. You’re also suppose to avoid caffeine, which I also didn’t do. For those of you who can, I bet you you’d yield much better results which is exciting. Drink a decent amount of water and try to stay to more simple, healthy choices. (Ha, the second day I might have had a Big Mac from McDonalds– whoops!)

So here’s what I did: 4 ounces juice, 4ounces of water, and some lemon juice three times a day, and then one of them was put into a smoothie. I personally LOVED the taste of it alone. If anyone wants to know the smoothie recipe I used its: 1/5 strawberry yogurt, 4 ounces of the juice, two cap fulls of apple cider vinager, two pinches of cayenne, and the rest was assorted fruits.

So, just to warn you guys, you’ll be in the bathroom those two days often. I wouldn’t advise doing this on a day when you’ll be running around. It’s not a crazy amount, but I did notice my trips were more frequent. Also, there is only enough in the bottle for two days so if you’re doing this you must dedicate yourself to it.

So my results? Unfortunately I do not weigh myself and can’t give you a number. But, I didn’t go down almost entire pants size! I feel much more comfortable in my skin. I had a lot more energy through out those two days, could focus better. Day one, I noticed a difference by night time. My stomach fat when down and I could see my ribs again! Day two, I felt so thin. I was a lot more happier and comfortable in my clothes and in my own skin.

My body also aches a lot less, and for those of you who know me I suffer from nerve damage and muscles disorders. My skin also has cleared up a lot!

Today, I almost had a flat stomach again! I was amazed by the results I saw right away. For me, this detox gave me a little bit more motivation to keep going on with the weightloss journey. This should be a weightloss helper– but of course the real work is in diet and being more active.

** I do not sell this product
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