Everyday Magic:

As a young mother and business owner, I know it can be hard at times to do larger spells and magical activities. Often I look at the calendar and forget that an important day of celebration was the day before– or a miss the right time of the year to perform a tarot spell.

So, how does a busy little be practice magic on a regular basis to make up for this? I’ll give you a couple easy, simple, and powerful things you can do.

  1. Leave water or salt out on moon phases that you want to captures the essence on. This with absorb all that energy up and you will be able to cook, clean, eat, wash,  and so on with it. This is a fairly easy and simple way to– just make sure you have those marked off!
  2. Herbs– all herbs have magical use! Cook with them, fine products infused with them, or easy leave them in dishes around the house so their energy travels all through out your house.
  3. Think while cleaning– whenever I clean I imagine all that nasty, negative energy leaving my house. Our thought process is a powerful tool for us to use and practice magic on a day to day basis.
  4. For my diviners– try leaving one card that will guide you through out your day out. I know some of you don’t have altars so just find a safe place for this card to lay out and let it’s energy drift.
  5. Crystal Friends — This goes along the same lines– pick a crystal to guide you for the next couple days. Hold it in your hand and think– out loud or not. Focus the energy you need and want to come to you or guide you.
  6. Keep plants– for me my plants are such a magical time for me. When I plant them I imagine that the life I am putting in them will be brought back to me in some way later down the road.

Adding little a magic in your daily routine can keep you from getting rusty for when you finally have time to do a large, involved magic task.


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