Waxing Moon: Gemini

Moon in Gemini:

You’ll be needing to keep busy with all the Gemini energy coming to you. This is a time when you will get a new desire to go out and there and be chatty. An excellent time to re-connect with old friend. But beware– the duality of the twins also can bring irritability. You’re going to be superficial with housework– likely to float around and lounge around. One moment you could be texting on the phone to a friend and the other moment cuddled up in anger. You’re going to be quick in your chatter, but don’t let your indecisive mindset to shut out what others have to say.

Waxing Moon in Gemini:

With the Waxing Moon paired with Gemini it’s a wonderful time to start new writing ideas, opening lines of ties of communication, a great time to start some creative yet structured ideas. It’s also a great time to re-connect with people outside of your domestic life. You’ll get a strong start to all your projects and ideas. Very great time for starting the thought process of a brand new life style– just be wary on depending to much on you lightness or having your ideas weighed down by moodiness.

What to do during this Moon Phase:

Start a journal, read looks of books– look at magazines, tutorials, and newsletter, go out and meet new people, join a support group or social group. Throw a party with friends– go out and be social! Fantastic time to get to know people.


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