What you need to know about Saging:

Bad energy in the home? People tend to jump to sage. While Sage is a good instrument for cleansing your home there are a couple things you’ll need before just going out and picking just anything up.

Sage is great for cleansing lingering, low energy that clings to our home. One thing I get all the time is, “Can I use it to get a spirit out of my home?” No. You actually can’t. We’ll discuss that in a little.

I always suggest purchasing Sage from someone who works in the metaphysical community– not a chain store that thought they could bring in a younger crowd by offering something to experiment with. Saging must be met with a great mindset, and clear intentions. There is no half believing or partial believing. There has to be full commitment to this endeavor.

Another thing is, when you are cleansing you’ll need to think about wanting the area cleansed. Think, “I want my area cleansed. Please let go of all this not wanted energy cleaned out.” If you aren’t good at thinking or believing things into reality, say it out loud. Speak it into reality.

As I said before– if you think there are spirits in your home– you’ll need to ask for the aid of the Divine Light. Asking for the Light of Universe to rid any negative spirits in your home would be your best bet before asking for a professional help. When channeling the Divine Light you should ask firmly, out loud in a stern voice to say: “You are no longer welcomed here. You do not belong here. This is my space– be gone now.”

Lastly, invite good energy. Think to yourself or say out loud– that you are welcoming warm, high energy into your space and home. Ask for good spirits– maybe deceased loved ones or godly beings into your home. Try decorating your home in plants, crystals, sage, and other positive things in your home to promote good, loving energy.

— Alexis Lee DiOrio



One thought on “What you need to know about Saging:”

  1. Sage is an often-referenced and over-utilized herb by new practitioners. I’ve had people tell me with a straight face that this or that sage “works” best, as though implying it has some standalone magic property. Herbs in general can be classed in the category of spiritual catalyst, with their inclusion in ritual being a way to draw focus and lean on the momentum of all the believers who have gone before. I’m not a fanboy that thinks you have to have white sage for smudging, or this sage for some other non-shamanic practice of the western tradition, blah blah. Nah. Whatever species or origin of sage I am using, it is the same sage as has been used by every other magus in history in the moment of my invocation. Their belief is my belief together in that moment. That is where the power of sage comes from.


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