Moon Phases: New Moon in Pisces

Mar. 8. 20:54 EST

Pisces in Moon:

Watch your emotions– you’ll be a sponge adsorbing others around you simply by being in their presence. Maybe it is a good idea to withdraw yourself and focus on creating ideas. The dreaming energy that is going to be floating around you will be a huge strength in this time. Keep things light and know when you need a break away from people to charge.


Waning Moon in Pisces: 

A very good time to go with in yourself and search– looking closely at the negative feelings you’re carrying inside. Pisces is an extremely emotional sign and energy. It’s time to figure out where the emotional discomfort is coming from and release it.

Things to do During a Waning Moon in Pisces:

It’s a good time to cleanse things: yourself, your home, your energy, even your cat! Think about doing a nice, long bathe with looks of essences oils. Put time together just to be alone with yourself. Dream– dream big. Play your favorite music all day.




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