Moon Phases: Waning Moon

Mar. 1. 18:11 EST.

Moon in Sagittarius:

A rather huge influx of positive and optimist energy in flowing in at this time. Creative, unstoppable energy with a light-heart and courageous movement. This energy, if used and controlled you may be able to be unstoppable. If not, you could find yourself in a not-so-good situation. Be careful not to blind yourself . Things are limitless, but be sure to have a little touch with reality.

Waning Moon in Sagittarius: 

For the youthful energy, you’ll be looking at a time of sweet release. Apply this energy to breaking free, relaxing, and distressing. Consider breaking down the bad habits that really bring you down. Waning moon is all about release, breaking away, and focuses the end. Sagittarius will end you in a happy beginning.

Things to do:

Laugh, plays games, create jokes that will crack your ribs, center your time around animals, play with children, go to a concert of party. Live your life shamelessly.

Moon in Sagittarius Square Sun in Pisces

Breaking down boundaries and pushing boundaries, with this anything you put your mind to right now is achievable. Find duality in being free loving, a go getter, and free with your need sensitivity during this time.


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