What is a Spirit Guide?

In the spiritual community there is always mentions of Spirit Guides, and sometimes it’s hard to imagine what that can be. In some ways it is simple– it’s simply a spirit that guides you through life or a tough situation. Sometimes, you will them there guiding you silently, and sometimes you will see them in your dream.

Calling upon your guide can be easy, sometimes receiving the guidance can be hard due to mixed signals and missed signals. One way to get a clear message, and to learn your guides presences and energy is to first ask for a sign. In first instances, ask for a specific symbol– a bird, a small animal, items missing or moved– something you will notice. If not this, you can ask for a visit in your dream. A clear, face to face interaction.

Sometimes we have life long guides– ones that are there for a life long journey. Ones that watch over you and keep bad energy away. Not always vocal, but you just know in your gut they are there. Some may be more outwards though, more present– more chatty. Though, some come for a brief moment, when you need them most. Loyal, and by your side until you find your way. This may be a much stronger bond due to the fact of the urgency.

A spirit guide can be a lot of thing– a deceased family member, a soul that is bonded to your soul from past lives, or an angel that has taken a liking to you.

Warning– Before contacting or attempting to , please do a prayer for protection.


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