Full Moon: Virgo

Feb. 22. 13:20 EST

Moon in Virgo: A practical, organized, focused energy. Be sure to take the time to balance the mind and body; indulge in practices that allow this. You will be turned more inwards, but be sure not to completely turn off from people. This is a great time for a  lot of self love behaviors, you will feel more at home and can heighten this experience.

Full Moon in Virgo: Time to bring clarity into our actions and this can be a great time to truly manifest and bring our desires into reality. Virgo the Virgin is also a time to purify ourselves, and amazing time to create something for a higher cause. Emotionally we will be needing balance, and need to embrace organization.

Good Time To: Create a solid routine, think daily. Create time for you, break away from others for a little. Focus inwards. One thing is to make sexual encounters scared, sensual, and tender.

Moon in Virgo  Opposition Sun in Pisces: Practical Vs. Dreamy, this is what we will be dealing with on the full moon. There will be two very different types of energy, but if mastered and balanced we could create a beautiful, harmonized creation.


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