Top 5 Things to do for Your Spirituality

How do you start taking care of yourself spiritually– and why is it so important? A lot of the time we only discuss three things: mental health, emotional health, and physical health to become balanced but the discussion always forgets to mention one– spiritual health. To be truly balanced we must include healing ourselves spiritually.

So what are some ways to heal spiritually and to be spiritually healthy? Here are ten simple ways:


  1. Be Mindful: Practicing mindfulness is a great way to feel a connection to the world, and to your inner self. At times we can feel so beyond disconnected to a greater sense of being, and this is a great way to re-learn that connection.

2. Distancing yourself from negative people: Trust your gut, if you feel drained or tired after being with someone– cut them off. You’re doing self an injustice. You’re hindering yourself by wasting energy on someone who is stealing your energy.

3. Help others: Doing a positive exchange of energy will actually end up giving you an extra boost of energy. Deep down, helping others heal them self is a great way to heal and promote your own well being.

4. Set Time Aside for Self-Reflection: Giving yourself a certain amount if time to truly think about the things going on around you is an important practice. give yourself 30 minutes to explore the world inside you.

5. Be apart of something bigger: Being apart of something bigger than just you will give a sense of unity and sense of larger purpose. With spiritual health, purpose has a profound ability to heal, recover, and grow.


There are varying reasons for the importance of all five of these: understanding yourself better, understanding the world better, and understanding the importance of protecting yourself.


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