Waxing Moon: Taurus

Feb. 15. 2:39 EST:

Moon in Taurus: Cozy, secure, grounded energy is all around us. This is very good energy to gather the determination you need to get things done. While this energy may make you want to bunker down and just snuggle, it is also great for recouping and re-energizing. (It’s a good time to relax, to practice calmness and inner serenity.)

Try not to mistake the want to be lazy– and the need to relax, and practice keeping calm. Use this peaceful energy for good.

Waxing Moon in Taurus: This is a generally great time to focus on family, warming up with them, making memories, and creating a homey aspect with them. This is a time for love– maybe not romantic love, just simply creating love. This is also a time to really iron out things you are wanting to complete. Fully conceptualizing the things you want to manifest into reality. Think– Taurus’ are lazy, just tend to get stuck on making things perfect and well shaped.

Things to do: Change your appearance, focus on physical changes. Could also be a decent time to change around the home decor– home focused changes are ideal.

Taurus Moon Square Pisces Sun: Such complimentary energy– sensitivity, nurturing, loving, positive, and accepting. This will fuel home life with loved ones– specially our close knitted family members. It’s a time where acceptance of each others feelings and ideas will be heightened.


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