Signs of Deceased Family Members

It’s great to experience the phenomena of having a decease family member visit you– after I delivered my son I was visited by a spirit who in my heart and mind was my grandmother who had passed when I was fairly young. But, what are the signs that one who has passed is near? What are some symbols to look out for?

  1. Sparring

This is a small little bird, which is a commonly known symbols of a deceased loved one being around. You can see them flocking or peaking on the ground.

2. Perfume, cologne, or a scent you closely associate with them.

If you randomly smell them, this could very well be their way of reminding you that they are in fact there with you. This is also a very common way that they will show you that they are there. This is also a common report of people.

3. Things going missing.

Ever have something go missing and you just placed it there? Yep– they are walking among you. This might sign has more energy to it– and a larger message.

4. Dream Visitation

You might see them in your dream, and maybe you’ll be able to obtain an urgent message. You may be able to have a conversation with them. Do not think this is just a simple dream! This is their way of trying to contact you.

5. Electrical issues

Pop. Your light bulb burst. But it’s brand new! Yep, things like this are also a sign. We have all heard the theories of spirits needing to pull energy to manifest themselves– so it can’t be that hard that they would pull and cause surges to let you know they’re here for you.

6. Sensing

The best way of knowing? Simply knowing. You’ll know when they’re contacting you. Trust yourself on that.


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