Full Moon: Aquarius

Feb. 8 9:39 EST:

Moon in Aquarius: This is very shocking energy– almost literally. With out control, you might completely over load your system. If in control, this is a time to truly hone your intelligence and accomplish things you have been wanting to. Find balance in your childlike, free energy or you find yourself too far detached from your friends, family, and love.

Keep in mind– criticism is not always a horrible thing.

Full Moon in Aquarius: Perfect energy to manifest things, maybe bringing in others to really finish up the job. The celestial beings have handed us the creative energies and the ability to bring things to reality at just the right time to finish our jobs. Celebrate this with splashing colors to everything you are accomplishing. Don’t hold back– it’s be disrespectful to the sign of Aquarius.

What to do with this energy:  Laugh– bring all your friends together and laugh. Laugh till you cry, till your spleen bursts. Create, get your hands elbow deep in something, anything, and don’t stop. Explore, open your minds, your heart, and eyes to everything.

Aquarius Moon Conjunct Aquarius Sun: Eccentric energy met full force with wanting and needing distance. Be careful with this.



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