Moon Phases: Waning Moon

Jan. 31st. 22:28 EST

Libra in Moon: Breezy elegance, very easily focused on aesthetic features. One thing this is great for is creating balance outside of yourself. Physical balance is can be just as important as inner, emotional balance to. There can be a feeling that fairness is innate, that it is one of the most important things.

Libra Waning Moon: this is a time of letting go, moving past old impression, old habits, and so on. Maybe its time to move away from old fashions, or maybe scrap an old way of acting towards people. This is a good time for quitting drinking, smoking, ending a relationship, and stress.

This is a time to release creativity. It’s a good time to create the outside.

Mantra: ” I am a temple. I create both the inside and outside. This is my creation.”


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