Wolf Moon in Leo

The Wolf Moon has gotten it’s name from how wolves howl at the upcoming Full Moon, celebrating it’s light and power. But, with the upcoming Wolf Moon in Leo– things will be wild and super charged.

Leo’s energy is all about the self-empowerment, and will lead us to a new type of leadership. It may lead people to be able to have the extra push to bring everything in for the Full Moon. This is awesome since this will lead us to finish the first month out STRONG– being able to finish everything out, having the right energy and having a strong baring.

To fully achieve the potential of this, we will need to leave our comfort-zone. Even with the Wolf Moon in Leo, we need to need to work with it to FULLY achieve. The planetary bodies are lending us the best tools at this time, giving us the RIGHT start to this year. This is something not to be wasted.


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