Moon Phase: Full Moon

Jan. 23 20:46 EST:

Capricorn in Moon: This is an emotional solid time, and also a very focused, balanced, and emotional time. This is a time where you are most likely unable to enjoy idle time.

Full-moon with Capricorn: Capricorn influences will drive you to excel and finish up what you started on the New Moon. In can be somewhat of an emotional draining time sense you will be too focused on other things to tend to your emotional self.

What to do during this time: Take advantage of Capricorn’s influence and power over how we work; finish out your projects strong, stay focuses, and be successful. Be watchful though, being head strong can cause yourself issues too. Find balance in control because squeezing too hard can destroy any piece of art.

Mantra to help: “I am solid, I am focused, I am here to create and to be created”

this is also dependent on your very own natal chart.


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