Moon Phase: Waxing Moon


Jan. 16.18:26 EST.

Moon moving into Aries: Young emotions will arise, the chance of being hypersensitive yourself while being insensitive to others is a great possibility. Be careful not to be too selfish, too caught up in yourself. While this is a time you will need to tend to your needs, your wants, your health, you will also to assure you’re not to blinded.

Waxing Moon: Waxing Moons is a time that growth and finalization is almost complete. With the Waxing Moon in Aries, you should focus on the finishing up the manifestation of the ideas that were planted in the beginning of the cycle.

What to do with this: Use Aries’ pioneering, starting energy to pull through with your projects and concepts. It might be hard, because if not, you might the other type of Aries, the one who never finishes. This is a time to focus on: your emotional standing, and wants.

Mindset/Mantra: “Task by task, I will keep going. Small and big, a task is a task.”

This can be a minor influence. Your natal chart is also an influence as to how exactly this moon phase will effect you. 




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