Cleansed Mind.

The cleansing fire of Spirit
consumes the troubles of this world.
Feed your concerns to the fire.
Breathe deeply and rejoice.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Throw your fears, worries, and anxiety to the wind.

Crumble your anxiety behind you.

You do not have to feel down, for wanting to go up.

You deserve to be free, be happy, be loved.

You can move forward, you WILL move forward.

Take a second to look within:

Courage, strength, loyalty.

You are that, not your failures and outside forces.

Find balance. Find happiness. Let it go.

Let yourself feel the warmth of this world, our world, YOUR world.


One thought on “Cleansed Mind.”

  1. I’ve gotten two readings from her & they were definitely eye openers . Didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear ; told me what I needed to hear . I truly appreciate the time she puts into the readings . I will be coming back for more !


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